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WHY? Multifunction slow-dissolving tablets are a popular method of sanitising spa water. By using these tablets as your spasanitiser you will be ‘trickle-feeding’ chlorine into your spa water over a period of days. Your Spa needs to be chlorinated at all times.The ideal chlorine level for your spa water is between 3 parts per million (ppm) and 5ppm. WHEN? Test the chlorine level in your spa daily and immediately before every use. Check your Floating Dispenser at least every 3 days and replenish before tablets have been fully dissolved. Typically, these tablets will erode and dissolve slowly over 5 to 7 days depending on your spa water temperature and water flow. HOW? ALWAYS USE IN A FLOATING DISPENSER 1. Wearing gloves, fill your Floating Tablet Dispenser with the required amount of Chlorine Tablets. 2. Open the flow regulator on your Floating Dispenser to maximum and allow the chlorine level to rise to between 3 & 5ppm. Test your spa water daily & adjust the Floating Dispenser ‘regulator’ according to your Test readings. 3. Remove floating dispenser when spa is in use and place safely in a bucket. GENERAL PRECAUTIONS Never mix with any other chemicals as a dangerous reaction may occur. Handle spa chemicals carefully, in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors and always wash hands thoroughly after use. Store chemicals in a secure, cool dry place.

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An easier way of maintaining chlorine levels in your spa water, Easy to use with skimmer, floating dispenser or chlorine feeder