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Before Your Hot Tub Is Delivered

Is Planning Permission required if I have a hot tub installed?
Planning permission isn’t usually required, but it’s advisable that you contact your local council planners for advice if you have a listed property, live in an area recognised as outstanding natural beauty or your home is in a conservation area.

How Long does it take between choosing my hot tub and it being delivered and installed?
On average it takes between 4-6 weeks under normal circumstances from choosing your hot tub to it being delivered and installed. If you need your hot tub installed sooner, have a chat with our installation team and we’ll do our utmost to do so. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 situation production is delayed, currently the lead time is between 15- 45 week based on the products chosen. 

Do I need to have a particular surface to put my hot tub on?
Yes you will require a level, solid base. This can be reinforced concrete which is at least 4 inches thick. Your existing patio slabs can be used as long as they are level. Wooden decking is an alternative but it must be able to take the weight of the hot tub when filled with water and including the occupants.  Smart Deck is also useful as it can go over a grassed area and keeps the tub level. Do not site your hot tub directly onto grass or astro turf.

Do I need plumbing and electrics in place before I install my hot tub?
Your hot tub can be filled up and drained using a hosepipe so you will not need additional plumbing.

You will need to ensure that a dedicated 32-amp power supply with RCD circuit breaker and isolator switch connected with 6mm armoured cable is located close to where the tub is to be positioned.  We are happy to speak to your electrician on your behalf or we can arrange one of our electricians to come out to your property and carry out the work prior to your installation date. Please be aware that there is a cost incurred for this and is usually under £500. Your will be asked to give us a copy of your Electrical Installation Certificate (EICs). Your electrician does not need to be at your property on the installation date- the work just needs to be completed before your hot tub is installed.

I’m looking at buying a ‘plug & play’ hot tub, is there anything that I need to check before it’s installed?
A plug & play hot tub runs off  an 13 amp plug so all that you need to ensure is that there is an external waterproof electrical socket.

How do I know that my hot tub will fit through the access area to my garden?
You need to have a clear 1.5 meter access in order for the hot tub to be able to get into your garden. This means that you will need to check any guttering, fascias, drain pipes, kerbs, fence posts, panels and fences, outside lights, or hanging basket hooks to make sure that they do not reduce and impede access. You can send us a photograph or video of your access point and we can determine whether the tub will get through.

If you are not sure whether you have enough access, we can arrange for our installation team to contact you and carry out a full site survey questionnaire via phone or skype. The team will be able to assess whether a crane is required, and  will organise this, however this does incur an additional cost.

Do I have to pay the full balance of my hot tub before it’s installed?
Yes you will be required to pay the full balance 3 working days prior to your installation date, unless you have taken the finance option.

On the day of installation will the team position my hot tub and fill it?
Yes. The installation team will do all the positioning, cleaning and filling of the hot tub and ‘shock’ it.

The installation will take a few hours to complete and you will be given training to understand how to ensure your water remains clean, clear and hygienic through the correct use and management of chemical treatments and testing. This is actually quite a small job in terms of maintenance but extremely important.

By the end of chemical training you’ll understand how to use tester strips, add chemicals to the tub, and how to look after, clean and change your filters, so you will need to be at your property during the installation in order to receive the training and to ‘sign off’ the paperwork.

Lady in Hot Tub

Once the Hot Tub is Installed

How long does it take for the Hot Tub to be filled with water?
It depends on the size of your hot tub, water pressure and size of hosepipe, but on average it will take up to 2 hours to fill your hot tub.
How long will it be until I can get into my hot tub for the first time?
Depending on the size of your hot tub heater will depend on how quickly it gets up to the right temperature so it can take anywhere from 15-25 hours to heat up. So if you anticipate waiting 1 full day after installation before using the hot tub. This also allows for the chemical shock treatment to do what it needs to and ensure your hot tub water is safe.  

What are the running costs for my hot tub?
The most accurate way to calculate running costs is to work on KW usage. In the UK an average kilowatt costs between 9pence -11pence depending on your energy provider. A good thermal spa cover will save you money as most heat will escape from the top of your tub. The spa is also insulated which will help with energy saving and in colder climates you are likely to have higher energy cost. On average it’s estimated that your hot tub is likely to cost its owner around £5-£7 per week depending on size.

What should be the correct water temperature for my hot tub?
In the summer around 36 degrees celsius, in the winter up to 40 degrees celsius, especially if the outside air temperature is in minus degrees.

Should I turn the hot tub off and reheat it when I want to get in, or leave it running all the time?
It really depends on your usage. If you use it every night and you have a good spa cover and insulation then it is better to leave your hot tub running as the tub will cut-off heating when it’s up to the correct temperature and will come on when the water temperature drops.

If you hardly use your hot tub and your cover isn’t as high a quality then it may be more cost efficient to turn it off between use. However if you are not using your hot tub at all in the winter months it needs to be completely drained and turned off otherwise you risk freeze damage if you don’t heat it.

Couple in hot tub

Looking After Your Hot Tub

How Often Should I test the water?
We advise you test it once a day using the tester strips. You are aiming to ensure that the Chlorine level (if you are using Chlorine) is around 5 ppm as this is the maximum safe bathing level. If it’s more than this you will need to wait until the chlorine drops back and you can help this process by running the jets.

How Often Should I Change the Water?
On average your water should be changed every 3 or 4 months but if you are using it more frequently then you need to change the water sooner. It’s worth giving your hot tub a good clean and you’ll need to ‘shock it’ once your have filled the hot tub. A ‘shock dose’ is a higher than normal amount of chemical put into the water to ensure the water is clean and to prevent it from going cloudy.

How Often Should I clean and change the filters?
Ideally you should remove your filter each week and rinse it under running water via hose or your sink tap. Once a month you can use a chemical spray on your filter  and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.  Around every three months you’ll need to thoroughly clean your filters. Use your spare filters whilst you are cleaning the original filters.

To clean them, remove them from the spa, get a large bucket of water and add the correct amount of cartridge cleaner to the water. Submerse your filters and soak them for 24 hours. After 24 hours remove them from the bucket and thoroughly rinse them under the hose or tap.

If you are in a hard water area then use a pressure cleaner to remove calcium build up

What is causing bubbles in my hot tub water?
Detergent or soap usually creates bubbles and this can be through washing your swimming costume in washing powder. To prevent it from happening take a shower and invite your guests to shower before you use the hot tub and don’t use any shampoo, soap/shower gel, or body lotions; rinse your costume in plain water and let it dry naturally.

What do I do if I can’t remember how to look after my hot tub?
Just give us a call and we can talk through any questions or queries that you have.

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