Solaris hemlock sauna


Indoor Redlight™ infrared sauna for 2 people

  • Canadian hemlock pine covering
  • 6-mm thick tinted safety glass door and sides
  • Chromotherapy LED illumination
  • Bluetooth receiver (for playing music)
  • 2 speakers
  • Ventilation hole
  • Energy requirement: 2 kW



5 RedLight ™ infrared sauna heaters: 2 kW / 230 V

  • 2 front infrared sauna heaters (2x400W)
  • 2 rear infrared sauna heater (350W)
  • 1 calf infrared sauna heater (500W)

Bluetooth with USB input so you can listen to your favorite music while relaxing!

Weight & Dimensions

131.4 × 99.3 × 194 cm

Energy saving Redlight ™ infrared sauna heating fibers

Purchasing an energy-saving infrared sauna with a Redlight ™ heating element not only saves money, but also helps protect our earth’s resources. As a result of our research, we have achieved maximum energy savings in all aspects of our products. It has a high thermal efficiency, which is achieved with less than 30% of the energy requirements of a conventional heating fiber. They are characterized by a long service life up 5,000-7,000 hours.

It provides instant warmth with a warm-up time similar to a light bulb. In infrared saunas from other manufacturers, this time can take up to 15-20 minutes, during which you do not have to wait, and last but not least, your electric clock spins.

Our infrared saunas radiate exclusively in the “far infrared” (FIR) range. This range is also called “the life-giving light”. The skin absorbs far infrared rays faster. It provides a pleasant feeling of heat similar to fireplace fire. It does not emit harmful, high-frequency electromagnetic and ultra-violet rays. The far infrared rays act directly on the body who uses the sauna, without heating the air around it.

The location of the sauna must be chosen wisely so that there is at least 20 cm between the top and the slab, because both the control unit and the outpoint of the ventilation fan are located on the roof.

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Wellis Infrared saunas

The infrared cabin is efficient, yet gentler than traditional saunas because its temperature is only 35-45 ° C, so it is safe to use even for those who do not like high temperatures. The soul of the infrared cabin is the infrared emitter, which emits a beam of a certain wavelength that is invisible to the eye.

Long-wave infrared radiation penetrates at 3.5-4 cm deep into muscle fibers, as a result, sweat formation is 3-4 times stronger than normal. In the infrared sauna, we also sweat not only through the sweat glands, but also through the sebaceous glands, which is important because many toxic substances are not soluble in water, only in body fats. In a normal sauna, 97% of sweat is made up of water, instead in an infrared sauna, 80% of water and 20% of fat, cholesterol, and other fat-soluble toxic substances are “sweated out”.

So while using the infrared sauna, we not only lose weight, but we also get rid of accumulated harmful chemicals and toxins.

Full spectrum sauna

With the rapid heating of the fluorescent tubes, you can immediately enjoy the infrared sauna effect on your body on spiritual recharge from the moment it is turned on. It’s different wavelength IR rays penetrate the skin in different depths, thus providing detoxification to both the upper and deeper layers of the skin. Enjoy the radiant benefits of your infrared sauna from the very first use!

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