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Ex Demo Hot Tubs for Sale, Cardiff, Bristol - Dreamspas Ltd

Ex Demo Hot Tubs for Sale, Cardiff, Bristol - Dreamspas Ltd

Dreamspas are the fastest-growing and experienced spa retail showrooms in the UK providing unparalleled customer care as you shop for purchasing luxury spas and saunas at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on listening to customers, understanding the situation better and supporting them at our best. 

Usually, there are thousands of spas and hot tubs traded every year. We are the best product and service provider in the industry very seriously and we have always been known for our product quality and innovations. Our focus continues to be providing a special offer on Ex-display stock in Dreamspas, we have more than 20 hot tubs for sale to choose from including Rio Grande Swimspa. Limited time offer, Hurry while stock lasts offer ends on 30th November save up to £3,000 on tubs. 

Why do you buy an ex demo hot tub or spa? Anyone would like to buy brand-new hot tubs or spas. However, there may be some reasons why you would buy an ex demo hot tub/spa instead of a new one. But we guarantee that you can receive a lot of benefits by purchasing our hot tubs sale. One of the main reasons why people consider ex demo hot tubs has to do with cost. In Dreamspas, you can save £3,000’s over an equivalent new hot tub. If it is your first hot tub then buying an ex demo hot tub from our sale is a great cost-effective way of becoming a hot tub owner. They’ve been on shop floor for a long time so we are giving away at a discounted price. All of our ex-demo products are entirely cleaned, checked inside and out and then carefully tested by our well-trained technicians. 

When purchasing a tub or spa, we understand that not everyone is comfortable investing in a brand new hot tub/spa. That’s why we have made it easier to enjoy the hot tub lifestyle with reliable, affordable demo tubs. They provide the same amazing hydro-therapeutic experience as any new models. We have a stock of ex-demo hot tubs and spas exhibited in our showrooms, so you have the chance of choosing the best one which suits your needs and for family. Here are some of our best ex-demo products on sale now; Sun Family P&P, Pluto P&P, Venus , Mercury, Jupiter P&P, Saturn, Mars P&P, Palermo , Malaga , Everest, Elbrus 230, Rio Grande W-Flow.

There is an increasing demand for ex demo products with the growth of the UK hot tub market. Actually, there are a number of options available in the online market too. But rather than taking a risk by buying a faulty or damaged hot tub/spa online potentially no comeback, buying it after you check with your own eyes will not persist anything to worry about.

Here at Dreamspas, our ex demo hot tubs/spas are ecstatic, foaming proof that hot tubs are really achievable at affordable prices. If you have set your mind on buying an affordable hot tub then our range of ex demo products and end of season products are the perfect way to spend your joyful family times. Before buying our products, you can consider some of the ex-demo models of hot tubs/spas, their condition and prices and decide if it suits you or not. The warranty is the same as any other brand new tub and all the features are the same as any new hot tub.

We offer a wide range of hot tubs and swim spas at all price ranges, to suit every budget and requirements. Find more than 20 hot tubs to try for yourself in ex-display hot tubs sale at our showrooms before the end of 30th November and get in touch to find out what other offers we have for you. In addition, demo models are deeply discounted. This offer is only in our showrooms and not online, for more information please contact your nearest showroom. 

Why buy from us? If you are looking for a great deal or want to get a budget-friendly hot tub, then ex demo hot tubs/spas could be right for you. In Dreamspas you still get great customer service right through from purchase, delivery & installation, training & aftercare you will find the highest levels of knowledge and support. With a supplied hot tub you also get the peace of mind that it's been fully analyzed and serviced. So here’s a little more about our services.

1 – Reliability – With the remarkable service of our experienced technicians, you should not worry a bit after buying the entire tub. You'll get the peace of mind that the hot tub/spa you're purchasing is working at peak performance. 

2 – Delivery and Installation – In case if you don't know how to set up or use your hot tub/spa, we provide our services on delivery as well as for setting up and a brief tutorial on how to enjoy your tub and also our installation team will explain the basics on water care and maintenance. 

3 – Confidentiality – We know that after the huge investment you expect quality and performance in your hot tub/spa. You desire a hot tub/spa that is reliable, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to operate. After all, you want your hot tub/spa to enhance your lifestyle. Purchasing an ex demo hot tub/spa from Dreamspas doesn’t need to be so much stress. In fact, with a quality team by your side, you can buy with confidence and relief in your mind that the hot tub/spa you purchase will exceed your expectations. 

Dreamspas has earned such a strong reputation in the industry, so you can be assured you are choosing the best. If you decide to consider an ex demo hot tub/spa, check out our current ex-demo hot tub & swim spa sale. We assure that after you buying a hot tub/spa from our showrooms, you can relax knowing that we will always be there to support you throughout your investment.

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