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The rise in hot tub popularity over recent years has lead to many untruths about hot tubs which can scare or put people off wanting to own one.  And with so many different sources, it's often hard to tell which information is correct and which is false.  So to put your mind at ease if you're considering investing in a  hot tub, here's some myth-busting information. 

Myth #1: Hot tubs are expensive to run

This is once concern that we are asked about by almost all of our customers.  Many people believe that installing a hot tub will result in huge increases to their energy bills.  In actual fact, modern innovation means that this is not the case.  In all Dreamspas, we use only the very best technology which make our models energy efficient to run.  In addition, the insulated cabinets and covers which come as standard help to massively reduce how much heat is lost from your hot tub, thus reducing the amount of time you need to run the heater for. 

Hot tubs also don't require a permanent water supply and are simply filled with a hose.  After the initial fill, you will need to keep the water level topped up of course, but providing you maintain the water quality, you will only need to fully drain and refill it very occasionally. 

Myth #2: Hot tubs aren't sanitary

It's easy to see why this would be a concern for some people.  A large tub of hot water is surely a breeding ground for bacteria and germs right?  Providing you use the correct chemicals at the right dosage and regularly check your levels, a hot tub should be extremely clean.  The filtration systems used in all of our hot tubs also help to remove any impurities in the water.  Keeping the filters clean is also important.  We always recommend to our customers that they keep a spare set of filters to hand for this reason.

Myth #3: Hot tubs require a lot of maintenance

Of course there is an element of maintenance required to keep your hot tub in tip top condition.  However, this is not extensive and certainly won't take over your life!  In fact, the hot tubs' filtration system will do most of the work for you.  Before we leave you to enjoy your new hot tub, we make sure that everything is explained fully so you'll know exactly how to take care of your spa.  You can even book an annual MOT to give your hot tub a  full clean and service!

Myth #4: The Chlorine will make my eyes burn

Obviously high levels of certain chemicals such as Chlorine can irritate the eyes and skin.  However, the amount required to make hot tub water safe is very small and unlikely to cause most people a problem.  If you are particularity sensitive to Chlorine, you may consider trying Bromine as an alternative sanitizer which is not as harsh. 

Myth #5: To get a good hot tub, you need to spend a lot of money

At one point, hot tubs were considered to be a luxury item which most people could only dream of owning.  Nowadays, they can be much more affordable.  We offer a range of hot tubs to suit all requirements and budgets and with our 0% finance options, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how little a hot tub actually costs!

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