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The Best Hot Tub Exercises

By 22 November 2022September 20th, 2023News

The Best Hot Tub Exercises

Simply relaxing in a hot tub has already proved to assist weight loss and detox benefits. True, you can’t lose that much, but it’s still better than sitting on your couch watching Netflix.


Hot tubs can help speed up the process of weight loss when used regularly. Warm water increases your blood flow, which helps release toxins from your body. For example:

  • A person who weighs 68 kg. (10.7 stone) would burn around 34 calories just sitting in a hot tub for 30 minutes. This is 3% more than sitting on your couch.
  • In contrast, if you walk at normal speed for 20 minutes you burn 100 calories.

However, the more you move around in the hot tub, the more calories you will burn.

There are several low-impact hot tub exercises that can help to improve your weight loss results, muscle tone, flexibility and overall health.

Benefits of Water-Based Exercise

Water-based exercise can be an excellent alternative to land-based exercise for individuals who lack confidence, mobility/balance issues, joint pain or struggle with time availability as you don’t need to leave your house to stay in shape.

  • Water buoyancy reduces the weight that joints, bones and muscles have to bear. Warmth and pressure of water also help to reduce swelling, and the load on painful joints and promote muscle relaxation.
  • Hot tub exercises are especially beneficial for people who struggle with weight issues and are suffering from pain, fatigue, depression, sleeping problems, muscle strains, broken bones, osteoarthritis, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and other locomotor diseases.
  • You also become more active and improve your quality of life as a result of water exercise

Here are our top 8 hot tub exercises to improve your exercise regimen at home.

  • When you get into the hot tub wait a few minutes until your body adjusts to the water temperature.
  • Then start your exercise but make sure you have a 45-60-second break between sets.

1. Calf Raise Exercise

How: Stand in the middle of your hot tub and raise up onto your toes. Doing this movement repeatedly will slim and tone your calves.

How many: 3 sets of 15-20 repetition

Top Tip: If you need help staying balanced, flex your buttocks and tighten your abs. Feel free to use the wall of the hot tub for support until you’re familiar with the exercise – then let go for maximum results

2. Flutter Kicks Exercise

How: You need to be sitting for this exercise. Straighten and lift both your legs up in front of you. Lift your right leg up high as much as you can, then lower back down. Then lift your left leg up and back down again. Make sure you keep your legs lifted in front of you all the time and that you don’t do it too fast.

How many: 3 sets of 15-20

Top Tip: You can lay back and hold onto the side of the tub. This is a dynamic exercise, great for strengthening your legs and core. Resistance from the water makes it more effective.

3. Torso Crunch

How: You need to be either kneeling or sitting for this exercise. Just make sure your shoulders are submerged and your arms are crossed in front of your torso. Contract your abdominal muscles and twist left to right slowly. Breathe out as you twist and breathe in as you return to the centre.

How many: 3 sets of 20-30 twists.

Top Tip: Make sure you keep your shoulders relaxed. Focus on increasing your range of motion from side to side. Do it slowly! This is also a great exercise for your oblique muscles.

4. Reverse Crunches

How: You need to be in a sitting position. Lift both of your legs up straight in front of you, then bend your knees 90 degrees. Try to hold the contracted position for two seconds. To support your lower back, press it against the hot tub wall