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How does a Wellis spa reduce your operating costs?

By 1 July 2022September 20th, 2023News

How does a Wellis spa reduce your operating costs?

Did you know that the shell of our spa is a technological success, with a fully eco-neutral Acrylic/Abs/polymer laminating system that results in a stronger, lighter, more stable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable product?
Our spas’ Poli-max Reinforcement even self-insulates for both heat and sound, cutting operating costs and making our spas among the quietest and safest for your family.

Some of the advantages of the POLI-MAX™ reinforced spa body include:

  • Highly effective sound insulation, making it one of the quietest spas available – Use the spa anytime you want without bothering your neighbours!
  • Excellent heat insulation, resulting in longer intervals between heating intervals and lower electricity expenses!
  • Environmentally friendly and easily degradable product (unlike fibreglass it does not give off any hazardous Styrol gas). As a result, it is not classified as dangerous and complies with all applicable EU regulations.

Insulation with poly foam

In order to keep hot tub operating costs to a minimum, effective insulation is critical.

Wellis spas use triple “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB) insulation, which collects waste heat energy from the spa’s equipment and reflects it back into the plumbing and shell while keeping out the colder outside air.

Our RTB technology is also included into our Thermal Spa covers, which have a special reflective foil coating underneath them to reflect rising heat back into the spa water. Wellis Spas are extremely cost-effective to own thanks to its integrated energy management technology.

Many spa manufacturers continue to employ the discredited spray foam insulation, and a few still put the spa equipment beneath the steps, outside the spa cabinet. These ancient legacy systems are not only obsolete, but also expensive to maintain and harmful to the environment.

From this perspective, Wellis’ triple insulation provides a complete answer to this problem. The inside of the cabinet is insulated with a thick layer of heat-reflecting foil down to the bottom and on the side walls, while the shell is coated with multiple layers of polyurethane foam (approximately one cm thick), which is well recognized for its excellent thermal insulation capabilities.

The heat from the pumps and heaters is reflected to the interior of the shell by the foil, heating both the pool cabinet and the water.

This one-of-a-kind, high-quality insulation makes every Wellis hot tub incredibly energy efficient, saving you money while also ensuring that your hot tub is run in an environmentally beneficial manner.


  • Very long lasting – Constant Lambda value*
  • Safe non-toxic, non-allergen
  • No condensation, no bacteria
  • Clean, odorless material, no smell
  • No fogging
  • Flexible and light weight material
  • Saves resources, very good insulation properties
  • CFC free!

* The lambda value (also known as the ‘K-value’ or ‘-value’) is a unit of measurement for a product’s thermal conductivity in W/mK. To limit heat loss, good insulation will have a constant lambda value as low as feasible.

ABS Floor Pan with Reinforcement

Minimal heat loss in all weather conditional
Our spas are built on the foundation of an insulated one-piece molded floor pan. To protect the spa’s structure from the damaging effects of damp earth, the pan sides rise upwards and provide a moisture and pest proof barrier.

The “cold sink effect” generated by damp ground draws vital waste heat through the base, therefore our reflective barrier insulation system extends throughout the floor pan.

Thermal Cover

We make all of our coverings in-house to ensure constant quality and maximum thermal insulation efficiency. This helps our customers save money on their energy bills. A full-length hinge buffer seal, internal vapor seal, and a marine grade UV resistant exterior cover are all included in our coverings. The top surface slopes like a house roof so that rain can easily run off.