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Why Buy From Us?

A Range Of Products Supporting Your Wellbeing

We are also very grateful to our existing customers and the reviews they have left us across our social media, and their word-of-mouth referrals, enabling us to continue to demonstrate our excellent customer care.

Fast forward to now and in just 3 years we have grown from one spa showroom in Bristol and now have our new Cardiff showroom, as well as our online presence through our website and social media. We have been in the spa business since June 2016 and before that have had over 15 years’ experience in retail and customer care. We are passionate about making spas and saunas an affordable luxury products whilst retaining their exemplary quality, so that our customers can experience the luxury and health benefits these products provide.

When we began our journey 3 years ago we were determined to ensure that our customers got the right advice so that they were confident in making their decision to buy the right spa for them, and we ensured that we provided excellence in our customer service.

Choosing to buy a spa whether for health benefits, ‘me’ time, family time or social time is a big decision and can be stressful when you hear of rogue companies selling substandard products, or buyers who have paid more than they should have had to with bad advice and poor after sales support.

Inside our showroom

A Range Of Products Supporting Your Wellbeing

Our swim spas allow you to experience the benefits of a hot tub as well as a swimming pool. Use the natural resistance or powerful water jets to get a complete work-out whilst luxuriating in the warm currents of water. If you are someone with joint or arthritis problems, as swim spa enables you to use the warm water to loosen muscles whilst being able to maintain and improve your general fitness and mobility.

You can choose between our two types of sauna- our Finnish sauna which has a detoxifying and oxygenating effect and particularly suitable for you if you wish to improve your skin condition. The infrared saunas have a lower all-round temperature and more suitable for you if you are unable to experience the higher temperatures found in the Finnish sauna.

Our saunas help you with detoxing, boost your circulation, and increases your oxygen levels, thus allowing your body to experience a positive impact on its metabolism, ability to heal and ability to release and relieve any stress and tension. The heat enables and promotes a deeper and higher quality of sleep and is especially good for those who experience insomnia or sleep difficulties.

Wide range of products
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Our garden spas enable you to escape the hustle and bustle and create your self-care space where you can immerse yourself in the warm waters and let the hydro-massage lull your tired muscles into deep relaxation. Use the colour changing light to enhance your relaxation with some colour moods. Embrace your senses with aromatic infusions, allowing you to choose your favourite aroma to transport you into your tranquil and serene space. And why not add some restful and inspirational music through to make your sanctuary restful and indulgent?

There are many wellbeing advantages with Spas and saunas such as stress relief, improved blood circulation, hydrotherapy, deep relaxation to name a few, When we discovered for ourselves the positive effects we wanted to promote & offer them to you, our customers, at affordable prices whilst maintaining quality of the product.

The Quality of Our Products

As a premium partner we want to ensure that your experience with us is excellent, and want you to be able to feel more than satisfied with the quality, reliability and care that we provide.

Our Wellis® spas are built to the highest specification utilising automated robotics to increase the efficiency and consistency of the quality of our completed spas. It enables every detail of the production process to be pre-planned and produced in a cost efficient way that enables savings to be passed on to you- our valued customer. Our spa body’s are Polyurethane reinforced which gives you the following high quality benefits:

  • Reduced sound due to the highly effective insulation allowing the spa to run incredibly quietly so it will not impact your neighbours.
  • Reduced electricity costs as the insulation enables heat retention allowing for a longer time before topping up with water.
  • Ecologically friendly, with no hazardous gasses given off as in fibreglass models, and meets all relevant EU quality standards.

All our spas and saunas have:

  • Easily accessible side controls
  • Unique features such as hydro-massage, oxygen therapy, and magnetic Vario physical massage pods in a range of designs
  • All parts come with a 3 years parts warranty
  • Outstanding customer service and aftersales support
  • 0% Finance available
Finance available

Quality Service as Standard - Accessory Package

Unlike most spa companies, we also include the following accessories in the purchase price of your spa:

  • Steps
  • Spa Cover
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Chemical Training
  • Ongoing support and guidance in looking after your spa

So you don’t have any hidden extras to pay, and can enjoy your spa from the moment it’s installed.

Luxury at Affordable Prices

We know that purchasing a spa is a considered purchase on the family’s finances which is why we are committed to helping you by keeping the costs affordable. Our 0% finance options can help you spread the cost of your spa or sauna over a period of up to 3 years.

Family using a hot tub

The Process

We’ve kept the process as simple as possible so that you have peace of mind throughout the process.

  • Chat with our staff either in store or online and choose your spa/sauna
  • After purchasing Spa/Sauna our friendly customer service team will be contacting you to arrange site visits for crane & installation for 32 Amp UK electrical work (if Required) and provide estimate delivery date
  • Once the product is in warehouse our customer teams will contact you and check if the delivery & installation date is suitable for you.
  • On the day of delivery we will provide you with your accessory package and ensure that you are confident and comfortable with using your new spa.

Next Steps?

Talk with our in-store staff and let them show you the range of spa’s. Let them take you through the construction and quality of the spas and better yet, experience the benefits of a spa by booking in for a wet-test.

Oh and don’t forget to bring the family, and your swimwear

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