TA Plus (1Kg)



  • The Total Alkalinity (T.A.) of the pool and spa water should be maintained between 80 and 140ppm (parts per million). Add Total Alkalinity Plus when Total Alkalinity of water needs to be increased.
  • Use a Test Kit to determine the Total Alkalinity of water.
  • Add 16g (2 heaped teaspoons) per 1000 liters to increase Total Alkalinity by approx. 10 ppm. If your pool holds 40,000 liters of water, you will need to add 640g of Total Alkalinity Plus to increase the T.A. by 10ppm
  • Always pre-dissolve in a plastic bucket full of water before adding to pool water.
  • Ensure that the circulation system is running before pouring the solution into water immediately above return inlet.
  • Never add product when pool/spa is being used. Allow 15 minutes before using pool/spa.
  • After 24 hours test and repeat dose if required.


1kg Total alkalinity is measurement of waters ability to resist pH change. If Alkalinity is low or high PH is difficult to maintain.


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