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Rio Grande Turbine Life


The Rio Grande Life swim spa provides combined experience for its users. The inner design of the Rio Grande Turbine hydro massage swim spa parts is the same as the ergonomic design from the popular Malaga. Due to the 40 hydro massage jets, bathers can have the best possible massage experience.

Please choose a cabinet and an acrylic colour!

Sterling SilverSterling Silver




Aromatherapy fragrances and essential oils are for pampering the soul and the body. Fragrances have positive effects on our emotions. Therefore, aromatherapy treatment is excellent for ensuring and maintaining our spiritual balance, which naturally has positive effects on our physical condition as well. Elements of the therapy include inhalation, aromatherapy bath, and massage with essential oils – you can enjoy all of them in Wellis spas, which combine a hydrotherapy experience and the power of your favorite fragrances.


Our in.touch 2™ is a smart control that can be installed in the hot tub for smart devices Hot tubs equipped with the in.touch 2™ system provide remote access via connection to your home’s Wi-Fi network. After registration, you can easily track all error messages from Wellis hot tub. This way, you can spot any product malfunctions that arise.
UV-C water sanitizer

UV-C water sanitizer

The UV-C system from Wellis revolutionizes the sanitizing of hot tub water. It is lightweight, compact, and very effective. With a negligible amount of power consumption and quiet, safe, and automatic operation, it treats the water in the hot tub several times a day. It provides you and your family with crystal clear, natural quality bathwater while reducing the need for use of water treatment agents to a minimum.
Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump (0.25 kW)

Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump (0.25 kW)

Very low power consumption (0.25 kW/h) water circulating pump. Its low power consumption, long life, and quiet operation make it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
10 year warranty on the shell structure
3 year warranty for the engineering parts


The perfect Swimspa

Product specifications

Weight & Dimensions

1300 kg


600 × 235 × 147 cm

Amount of water

6600 l

Reclining / Sitting places

1 reclining place / 5 sitting places

Acrylic colour

Sterling Silver

Cabinet colours


Total number of jets


Technical specification
Power requirement

1 × 35A 230V/50Hz optimum, 1 x 20A 230V/50Hz minimum

Hydromassage pump

2 pc 3 LE single-speed (230V/50Hz)

Water circulation

Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump (0.25 kW)

Water filtering

UV-C water sanitizer

Side cover

HorizontSide™ or semi-inground UV-proof wood textured plastic


Scandinavian insulation

Comfort solutions
Sound system

Aquasoul™ Pro 4.1 circle flat sound system

Premium solutions

Aromatherapy, WELLIS SMARTPHONE™ app with WiFi

*In case of minimum power connection, the hot tub pump(s) and heating unit cannot be operated simultaneously.

Why should you choose a swim spa
instead of a swimming pool?

Let’s start with the obvious:

  • The size of the designated area. Swimming pools take up a large space so if you have a smaller yard a swim spa might be a better choice.
  • Another important aspect that a swim spa can easily stand against seasonal changes. You are able to use it all year long, especially if installed indoors. You can only enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool during the warmer months.
  • The average maintenance costs of a swimming pool for these months are almost double the costs of a swim spa for a year.
  • The safety cover can also make a huge difference in the costs.
  • The swim spa comes standard with a hardcover, it protects your family and pets from unwanted accidents and you will not have additional costs.

The Rio Grande swim spa is also available in a semi-recessed design, which allows the pool to be sunk into the ground without a concrete base.

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