Full Service

Our price: £395.00

Ensuring your hot tub remains in optimal condition is of utmost importance, as early issue detection can prevent more significant problems down the line. We highly recommend scheduling a comprehensive service once a year to extend your hot tub’s lifespan and maintain its overall condition. Our Annual Service package provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your hot tub.

During this visit, our team will not only service your hot tub but also perform a thorough cleaning of your cover and filters while ensuring your chemical levels are properly topped up. This service is especially convenient for busy individuals who may find it challenging to dedicate time to hot tub maintenance.

Rest assured that all our service team members undergo rigorous initial training and work closely with our experienced, expert technicians before they handle your hot tub. Whether you’re dealing with complex fault-finding issues or routine maintenance, you can trust that the best professionals in the industry are caring for your beloved hot tub.

Our full service includes:

  • Water analysis
  • Control pad functionality check (pumps/lights / heat – all working)
  • Pump-assisted drain down
  • Wet vac clean
  • Filter clean – using specialist filter cleaning agent
  • Hot Tub acrylic surface cleaned
  • Re-fill with freshwater
  • Refitting of filters
  • Sanitize water – using customers chemicals
  • Ensure the System is operating as normal
  • Hot Tub cabinets/panels polished
  • Hot Tub cover cleaning and coating specialist UV protection applied
  • Control pad visual inspection
  • Inspection of filter housing unit
  • Specialist Hot Tub Flush Compound circulated in water
  • Water/Air diverters & drainage valve functionality checks
  • Hot Tub acrylic cleaned
  • Jets removed, cleaned and inspected
  • Control board, heater and all pumps inspected
  • LEDs and audio components inspected and tested
  • UV / Ozone system, valves & pipework inspected
  • Pipework and joint inspection. Tighten unions if required
  • Rinsing filters and reinstallation into Hot Tub
  • Cover Lifter inspection
  • Cover security inspection – clip condition and functionality
  • Spa steps inspection – safety & condition