Full Electrics for Your Hot Tub

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Hot tubs run on electricity.

So, one of the things you will need to consider before you decide to purchase a hot tub is the power supply. This is important and worth thinking about before you start looking around for hot tubs. Based on the power supply we can categorise Hot tubs into 2 models.

Plug & Play 13 Amp P&P – Plug and play is easier to install, as you won’t have as much electrical work in order to run a waterproof 13 amp socket out to the garden.

16 Amp P&P – The advantage of this option over 13amp is that your tub will maintain its heat for longer whilst using the spa. It also has the benefit of having a waterproof plug and armoured cabling which protect it from the elements.

32 Amp – This is the most common in the industry. There are a few advantages to this option firstly your tub will heat quicker, and it will also boost the temperature quicker for those evenings when you and your family are enjoying the tub for longer periods secondly this gives you access to many additional options and pumps (meaning an even deeper massage).

48 Amp – This is mainly for bigger tubs and swim spas as they need very high power constantly while in use, Each swim spa will have at least 3 pumps and to run all pumps at the same time 32 amp will not be sufficient.

Getting your hot tub power supply right is important for two reasons:

  1. To ensure it has enough electricity to power the hot tub
  2. As a safety measure

Hot tubs require different power supplies depending on how much power they draw. The pumps, heater, lights and all the other electrical components require power. If the right AMP of the electrical supply is not installed then the hot tub may attempt to draw too much power from the electrical line. This will cause an overloaded circuit. If this happens then the power will trip. And your hot tub will turn off.

Secondly, ensuring that you install the correct electrical supply is a safety measure. If you install a much higher supply than you need then it will never trip. Tripping occurs as a result of, or to indicate a fault.

Therefore you need to install the correct power supply to ensure, that if necessary, the hot tub is capable of tripping the power. For both of these reasons, it’s important that you install the correct electrical supply for your hot tub. The power supply you need will entirely depend on what hot tub you are getting.

So please provide as much information as possible regarding your household electrics and if you have any limitations in your electrical supply, you should let them know to help narrow your options We always recommend that you install a galvanised steel armour cable. This has a protective conduit around the wires, to ensure that it won’t get damaged outside. Before you install your hot tub you will need to get the correct electrical wire run out from your house, to where you plan on putting your hot tub.

To do this you will need to enlist the help of a qualified electrician. At Dreamspas,  we have our own professional and qualified electrician who can install the correct electrics required for your hot tub as per UK guidelines.