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CityLine Elbrus 2018 Available Now
The new CityLine Elbrus 2018 spa combines modern look with conventional values. Features new corner element design with durable, injection moulded consoles to give extra support. It has seven seating places, each with different massage systems.
  • Number of Places : 7 Places
  • 40 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1080 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
£8,499 Read More
CityLine Manhattan 2018 Available Now
Manhattan 2018 spa was developed for an overall massage experience with tested jet positions proved by physiotherapists. It has triple lighting fountain jets providing an exciting effect. It contains a Touch-screen control with a simplified user interface, so its easy to use and maintain.
  • Number of Places : 4 Places
  • 28 Jets
  • Water Volume : 510 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
£6,499 Read More
CityLine Marbella 2018 Available Now
Marbella is a compact yet well-equipped spa, the best place to be with a company of good friends. It has four sitting places, all with different massage points, triple lighting fountain jets, and lighting waterfall too.
  • Number of Places : 4 Places
  • 30 Jets
  • Water Volume : 790 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
£6,499 Read More
MyLine Holiday Let Spa Available Now
Holiday let spa: perfect tranquillity - user - friendly solutions. Perfect solution for guesthouses, apartments, holiday camps. It has only 2 single-button topside panels, so the customers/Guests don’t have to bother about programming. They can only start and stop the massage function and cont...
  • Number of Places : 6 Places
  • 46 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1150 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW(P&P) or 4KW
£5,699 Read More
MyLine Saturn Best Seller
The Saturn is our premium model. Big and bold with 50 powerful fully adjustable stainless steel jets providing class leading hydro massage to the two fully jetted lounge beds, our exclusive total body workout seat, and two additional seats. We’ve also included our programmable mood lighting. T...
  • Number of Places : 5 Places
  • 50 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1400 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
£6,599 Read More
MyLine Venus Available Now
Venus is our mid sized model but packs more than enough power for 6 bathers at once from its 49 jets and dual pump system. Just settle back into our exclusive mySEAT™ lounge and relax, or enjoy a invigorating massage from one of the intensive therapy seats. Our exclusive Chromotherapy mood lig...
  • Number of Places : 6 Places
  • 49 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1450 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
£6,399 Read More
MyLine Pluto (P&P) Plug & Play Available Now
The Pluto spa offers plenty room for up to 5 bathers, even fits on smaller places. It has two lounge beds, one with mySEAT™ solution. The Pluto also includes myJETS™ for reliefing pain in shoulders and neck.
  • Number of Places : 5 Places
  • 42 Jets
  • Water Volume : 960 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
£5,499 Read More
MyLine Earth (P&P) Plug & Play Available Now
As perfect as a circle. This 2.18 meters diameter round hot tub is built with 22 water jets to provide full back massage for 5 adults, easily accessible top load filter, ozone water disinfection, 2 HP double speed massage pumps and exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting and round array open seating sp...
  • Number of Places : 5 Places
  • 22 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1045 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
£5,499 Read More
MyLine Titan (P&P) Plug & Play Available Now
Titan spa’s main feature is the outstanding comfort that the ergonomically designed seats and wide headrests can give. All three massage seats are well equipped, containing 31 water jets placed and designed carefully. This model’s speciality the lighting waterfall placed in the midd...
  • Number of Places : 3 Places
  • 31 Jets
  • Water Volume : 720 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
£4,999 Read More
MyLine Mars (P&P) Plug & Play Available Now
This compact spa for 3 will fit into the smallest of places yet features two full stretch-out lounge beds. Our exclusive mySeat™ ensures the perfect fit for everybody to enjoy all the features of this compact model. The seating is full depth, yet at just 75 cm high, the Mars will through many...
  • Number of Places : 3 Places
  • 37 Jets
  • Water Volume : 660 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
£4,999 Read More
MyLine Sun Family (P&P) Plug & Play Available Now
Choose Sun Family spa if you have limited space. It easily fits through a standard doorway when turned on its side due to its special design, while this small size model provides the same hydotherapeutic advantages as larger hot tubs. 
  • Number of Places : 5 Places
  • 36 Jets
  • Water Volume : 700 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
£4,499 Read More
MyLine Sun (P&P) Plug & Play Available Now
Sun is a 3 seated spa with 2 lounger seats and one sitting place that also works as an inner step. On Easy4 topside control panel all settings and spa function icons available at a glance to set your spa in the blink of an eye, while the Plug&Play system allows easy power connection. It is spaci...
  • Number of Places : 3 Places
  • 26 Jets
  • Water Volume : 551 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
£3,999 Read More
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