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 UK Wide Crane Lifts Add Best Seller
Step 1: Every house is different and we need to make sure that your Hot Tub is carefully delivered and positioned without any errors. The most essential step in delivering Hot Tub is access, after placing your order our support team will be contacting to arrange site access visit either by phone or...
  • Number of Places : 0 Places
  • Jets
  • Water Volume : 0 ltr
  • Heater :
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Special Offer
MyLine Jupiter (P&P) Plug & Play Add Best Seller
Jupiter spa has ergonomically designed seats with a total of 46 massage jets, anti slip footmassaging bottom and access step, 2.1 sound system with bluetooth connection and a bottle holder. The perfectly equipped captain seats 15 jets makes it everyone’s favourite place.
  • Number of Places : 6 Places
  • 46 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1100 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
  • RRP£5,499
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MyLine Holiday Let Spa Add Available Now
Holiday let spa: perfect tranquillity - user - friendly solutions. Perfect solution for guesthouses, apartments, holiday camps. It has only 2 single-button topside panels, so the customers/Guests don’t have to bother about programming. They can only start and stop the massage function and cont...
  • Number of Places : 6 Places
  • 46 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1150 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW(P&P) or 4KW
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 Smart Decking with Trim Add Best Seller
Each panel locks together allowing the creation of small or large decks if desired. Textured surface and black colour add to the deck’s elegant appeal. Unique, interlocking modular design lets you choose the size and configuration that is perfect for your environment Exclusive optional bullnos...
  • Available Now
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Special Offer
PeakLine Everest Add Available Now
The EveRest spa makes relaxation simply unforgettable with a number of comfort features. One of the two reclining places is especially well-equipped: it includes two 2 horsepower massage pumps, the Pulsar™ system. The additional control panels and the WiFi SmartPhone application provide a comf...
  • Number of Places : 5 Places
  • 88 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1560 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
  • RRP£16,999
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Special Offer
PeakLine Elbrus 230 Add Available Now
The Wellis Elbrus 230 spa is the extended version of WELLIS Elbrus spa. It’s prestigious dimensions can provide room for ultimate WellDome™ foot massage system. This hot tub also features 78 chrome finished adjustable water jets, AquaSOUL™ 2.1 POP-UP audio system, exclusive chromot...
  • Number of Places : 7 Places
  • 78 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1560 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
  • RRP£11,999
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Special Offer
PeakLine Discovery Add Available Now
Discovery spa is ideal for a larger company for an effortless entertainment with its 4 sitting and one reclining places. Its exclusive design and the improvements make it such an amazing spa that your guests will surely be impressed. If you are looking for premium quality and want to experience the...
  • Number of Places : 5 Places
  • 51 Jets
  • Water Volume : 931 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
  • RRP£10,999
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Special Offer
MyLine Mercury Add Best Seller
Stretch out in the comfortable reclining place of Mercury hot tub and have a massage from top to toe while your family or friends are enjoying the massage experience in the 5 other seats. Two hydromassage pumps, 82 points ensure the perfect massage for all 6 people.
  • Number of Places : 6 Places
  • 82 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1300 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
  • RRP£6,999
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MyLine Venus Add Available Now
Venus is our mid sized model but packs more than enough power for 6 bathers at once from its 49 jets and dual pump system. Just settle back into our exclusive mySEAT™ lounge and relax, or enjoy a invigorating massage from one of the intensive therapy seats. Our exclusive Chromotherapy mood lig...
  • Number of Places : 6 Places
  • 49 Jets
  • Water Volume : 1450 ltr
  • Heater : 3KW
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MyLine Pluto (P&P) Plug & Play Add Available Now
The Pluto spa offers plenty room for up to 5 bathers, even fits on smaller places. It has two lounge beds, one with mySEAT™ solution. The Pluto also includes myJETS™ for reliefing pain in shoulders and neck.
  • Number of Places : 5 Places
  • 42 Jets
  • Water Volume : 960 ltr
  • Heater : 2KW
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 Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules - 5kg Add Available Now
DIRECTIONS FOR USE 1. Maintain a Free Chlorine Residual of between 2 and 3 ppm (parts per million). 2. Pre-dissolve granules in a clean plastic bucket filled with pool or spa water. 3. To increase the chlorine residual in 1000 litres of water by 1ppm add 2gm of Stabilised Chlorine Granules. (e.g. 14...
  • Available Now
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 20g Multi-Function Tabs – 1Kg Add Available Now
WHY? Multifunction slow-dissolving tablets are a popular method of sanitising spa water. By using these tablets as your spasanitiser you will be ‘trickle-feeding’ chlorine into your spa water over a period of days. Your Spa needs to be chlorinated at all times.The ideal chlorine level fo...
  • Available Now
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