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Hot Tub Maintenance Basics

Hot Tub Maintenance Basics

Whether you have a wood fired hot tub or a high end hydrotherapy spa you’ll need to look at basic hot tub maintenance to keep your hot tub working perfectly so that you can enjoy the stress-relieving and wellness benefits. Here are 6 top tips on keeping your tub maintained and saving you hundreds of pounds in the process!

Tip 1: Check your hot tub cover

Hot tub covers are often overlooked yet they are an integral part of your hot tub maintenance as they will keep the heat in and debris out, so a good cover helps your electricity bills stay low. Get the best cover you possibly can with good insulation as this will save you hundreds of pounds long term. Do a quick visual check every time you open up the cover to see that it is in good condition. Once a month give it a clean using a non-abrasive cleaner and one that doesn’t create suds. Using circular movements, gently wipe your cover inside and out. Rinse off thoroughly then using a mild bleach solution wash down both sides as this will remove any mildew smells, and then rinse off. You can also get a conditioner which restores the suppleness and shine which you can add after drying your cover.

Tip 2: Check your Shell/hot tub Cabinet

The shell protects your internal workings of your hot tub so that the pipework and electrics are safely protected. Some regular TLC will keep it looking great. Once a month have a closer inspection of the shell and check that it is in good order. A wipe down with a damp cloth and white vinegar will remove any mildew smells. Follow with a rinse and buff and you will have it looking as good as new. Aim for a quick wipe down once a week to keep your cabinet looking lovely.

Tip 3: Check the top of your tub and scum line of the water

Remember white vinegar works great on windows? Well it works just as well on the top of your tub! Micro-fibre cloths are great to clean the top and up to the water scum line. Mix 50/50 White vinegar and water sprayed onto a microfibre cloth or sponge will remove scum from the water’s edge and using a dry micro-fibre cloth will buff the acrylic or lucite up to a lovely shine.

Tip 4: If you have head cushions/spa pillows give them a clean

Over time, especially if your tub is outside, the sun and the chemicals used to keep your tub healthy will discolour your head cushions. To prolong their life and help them retain their appearance aim to clean them regularly to prevent mildew and remove any chemical residues. Your hot tub manual should have information on how to remove and clean your spa pillows. Aim for a mild detergent and add a very small amount of bleach in water and use this solution to clean your spa pillows. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
When you take the spa pillows off your tub, remember to thoroughly clean the area where the pillows are located on your hot tub before reattaching the spa pillows.

Tip 5: Clean Your Filters

For detailed information on how to clean your filters, take a look at our previous Blog post ‘What Chemicals Do I Need For My Hot Tub?’ as this gives you details on how to clean your filters. Aim for a weekly rinse, each month use a spray filter and rinse well, and every three months do a full chemical soak to keep your filters in tip top condition. Remember to allow your filters to dry naturally so it’s best to have a spare filter whilst you’re cleaning the one you’ve removed.

Tip 6: Know the Make, Model, Maximum Water Capacity

It’s important that you get to know your hot tub so that you can respond to any issues that may occur during the lifetime of your tub. If you are carrying out cleaning and servicing your tub yourself and you may be looking for advice on its care and maintenance, it’s useful to know what make and model your tub is- especially if you are ordering in parts. Also know what the maximum water capacity the tub will hold and whether your water presents any additional aspects to consider. For example hard water can, over time, leave a hard calcium deposits (scale) that are damaging to your tub long term and not great to skin when you try to slide down into your hot tub! Soft water can corrode metal elements. So be aware and really get to know your tub.

Carrying out the about activities will ensure your hot tub is well looked after and will give you years of fun and relaxation. If you have any question from reading this post, give us a call on 0333 344 8370.

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