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 Spa Stabilised Bromine Tablets - 1Kg
DIRECTIONS FOR USE 1. These tablets are designed for use with a Bromine feeder. 2. When feeder device requires refilling with tablets always follow manufacturers instructions. 3. Ensure tablets used in the feeder are of the same chemical (Bromo-chloro-Dimethyl Hydantoin). If other materials have bee...
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 Spa Starter Kit
  • RRP£39.95
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 Non Chlorine Shock OL – 5Kg
When added to your Pool or Spa on a fortnightly basis you will minimise unpleasant odours and eye burn. Non-Chlorine shock oxidises and removes organic contamination from water without increasing chlorine levels. It also reduces unpleasant chloramines. Non-chlorine is the ideal shock treatment for c...
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 Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules - 5kg
DIRECTIONS FOR USE 1. Maintain a Free Chlorine Residual of between 2 and 3 ppm (parts per million). 2. Pre-dissolve granules in a clean plastic bucket filled with pool or spa water. 3. To increase the chlorine residual in 1000 litres of water by 1ppm add 2gm of Stabilised Chlorine Granules. (e.g. 14...
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Safe O-Care can reduce the amount of Chlorine or Bromine needed up to 78%. Chemicals can irritate eyes, ears and skin, so O-Care is especially safe for children who love to go underwater. Soft Your skin will feel soft and smell very nice. The mixture of high quality mineral salts will leave your ski...
  • RRP£79.95
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