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During the Winter it's easy to neglect the outdoors in favour of keeping warm inside.  But getting some fresh air and Vitamin D from any Winter sunshine is important and a hot tub is a great way to make outside seem more appealing. 

In the Summer, some people may find a hot tub uncomfortable but in the Winter, there is nothing better than submerging yourself in bubbling hot water.  This will also help to improve your circulation and get your blood flowing which will result in a longer lasting warm feeling throughout your body. 

Cold weather can also be bad news for people that suffer with joint problems such as arthritis.  Soaking in a hot tub can help ease the stiffness and pain caused by such conditions, hopefully making the Winter months much more comfortable.

Sometimes Winter can feel like it drags on for a long time.  You go to and from work in the dark, it's cold and the rain seems relentless. It's easy to see why people can feel down at this time of year.  Add the stress of Christmas and a hectic party season and this can have a detrimental effect on mental health. Taking time out each day in a hot tub will help to reduce stress and anxiety and leave you feeling more relaxed overall.  It should also mean you sleep better which has a huge impact on how you feel day to day. 

Motivating ourselves to exercise in the Winter can be difficult, it's much easier to stay snuggled up on the sofa.  But there are many exercises that you can do in a hot tub to get your body moving.  Alternatively, use your hot tub as a reward after exercising so you'll have something to look forward to. 

Most of us fall victim to cold or flu of some description over the Winter. The hot water in a hot tub can clear your sinuses and relax your chest and lungs, helping you to fight off infection.  (Always seek advice from a medical expert if you do feel unwell.) 

If you were considering shutting down your hot tub for the Winter, this may give you some food for thought.  We say, crank that temperature up and make the most of all of the wonderful benefits that a hot tub can offer. 

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