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There's nothing better than stepping into a crystal clear tub of bubbling water at the end of a busy day to help you unwind.  But when the water turns dull and cloudy, suddenly it doesn't look quite so appealing.  Even worse, unsightly foam has appeared on the water surface!  Don't panic, your hot tub isn't faulty, these are common issues that are easy to rectify, you just need the right tools and know-how. 

Firstly, when did you last change the water in your hot tub?  Even properly maintained water will eventually start to look tired.  If it's not been emptied for a while, it may be time for a full drain and re-fill.

But before you reach for the hose, it's worth checking your Chlorine levels.  Incorrect levels of Chlorine can make the water turn cloudy and ultimately, unhealthy.  In addition, make sure that your PH levels are accurate too.  These tests are easily and quickly carried out using 3-way test strips.  Make sure you always have some of these to hand.

Finally, particles that are too small for the filtration system can float about in the water, creating a cloudy appearance.  Ensuring that your filters are kept clean so that they work at their optimum best and replacing your cover whenever your hot tub is not in use will help to eliminate debris in your spa.  We also recommend keeping a spare set of filters and cleaning your filters thoroughly with PureStyle Filter Cleaner.

It's always a good idea to keep a bottle of water clarifier handy too.  A weekly does of PureStyle Water Clarifier will assist in the removal of suspended matter via the filtration system, thus restoring and maintaining the water clarity. 

If you're experiencing foam formation on the surface of your water, this is likely to be caused by body oils, creams and detergents.  You'll never be able to prevent this entirely but we can recommend washing your swimwear in cold water rather than in a washing machine.  It will help to reduce foaming in your hot tub but also prolong the life of your swimwear. 

PureStyle Anti-Foam is a fast acting liquid used to prevent and destroy unsightly foam on the surface of the water.  When added directly to the hit tub, this product rapidly breaks foam down.  It comes in liquid form that can be added directly to the spa water. 

If you've tried everything to restore your hot tub water to no avail, you can always reach out to our experts who will be happy to advise you. 

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