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People often think of hot tubs as a Summer only thing when we're most likely to spend time outside.  However, hot tubs can actually be used all year round, even in Winter.  It's easy to neglect the outdoors during the colder months but venturing outside can be good for you, especially if it's to step into bubbling warm water!

Here are just some of the benefits to using a hot tub during the Winter months.

Soothe aching muscles

Cold weather can cause tightness in muscles making them sore and uncomfortable.  A Dreamspas hot tub can be heated up to 40 degrees Celcius so a nice soak will help to relax your aching muscles.  

Enjoy the Winter sunshine

It may be cold but the sun still shines some of the time during the Winter.  Going outside is a great way to get some fresh air and much needed Vitamin D.

Fight colds

With Winter comes dreaded cold and flu season.  Soaking in hot water can clear your sinuses and relax your chest and lungs.  Evidence also suggests that raising your body temperature high enough to make you sweat will help to get rid of cold germs.

Improve your Winter workout

We often forgo exercise when it's too cold.  So, why not reward yourself with a soak in the hot tub after a workout as an incentive?  There are also several light exercises that you can actually do in a hot tub so there's no excuse to get out of your normal routine just because it's Winter.  There's definitely worse ways to burn off those extra festive calories!

It's important to make sure that you prepare for using your hot tub in cold weather.  When you position your hot tub initially, it may be worth considering how far away from your house you locate it.  Do you really want to be walking to the other end of your garden once the temperature drops?  Included with all Dreamspas is a fully insulated cover.  It's paramount that you replace this when your hot tub is  not in use as this will help to maintain the water temperature as well as keep out any debris.  

The last thing you want to do is get cold when you exit the hot tub as this could do you more harm than good.  Make sure you have slippers and a towel or robe to hand so that you can wrap up as soon as you leave the water.  It's also a good idea to take a warm drink with you too.  

A little bit of panning ahead and you'll never think of a hot tub as being only for the Summer again!

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