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One question that we have been continually asked since we opened is if we stock inflatable hot tubs.  It's something that we've never done as we always felt it went against our high quality values.  However, we have realised that sometimes people are reluctant to invest in a hot tub if they've never really used one before.  We also know from experience that many of our customers have had an inflatable hot tub in the past and have then decided to upgrade to an acrylic one. 

So always at the forefront of spa technology, Style Spas have bridged the gap between the inflatable and the acrylic spa.  Far more robust than an inflatable spa and at a much lower price point than an acrylic spa, the Lifestyle Family Fun Spa offers an unique blend of high performance, functionality and style.

The Lifestyle Fun Spa is similar to an inflatable spa in that it doesn't have moulded seats or the same hydrotherapy benefits that you would experience in an acrylic hot tub. The jets will also not be overly powerful.  However, there are a few key differences;

Firstly, the Fun Spa is much more robust and sturdy than an inflatable spa.  One of the downsides to inflatable spas has always been the quality of the parts and materials.  The Fun Spa is made from hard-wearing foam so is a much more solid structure.  It also has a high performance filtration system.

Inflatable spas are very much a warm weather item due to the fact that they don't hold the water temperature, so the heater needs to be run pretty much all of the time when it's cold.  This can obviously result in much higher energy bills and is one of the big differences to a solid frame hot tub which can happily be used all year round thanks to the insulation in the structure.  The Fun Spa is made from high insulation foam which helps to maintain the water temperature much better than an inflatable spa can. 

As we mentioned earlier, we know that many people eventually upgrade to an acrylic hot tub after using an inflatable spa for a while.  And that's why we're offering the option to upgrade from the Fun Spa to one of our solid frame hot tubs. Providing that the Fun Spa is still in good condition, you can upgrade within the first 12 months and we'll take the amount you've paid off of the price of your new tub!

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