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Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and as the number one supplier of hot tubs in the UK, we stock a great variety to suit everyone.   If hot tubs are new to you, here are a few things to consider when choosing which one is right for you.


Our hot tubs range from compact 3 seaters to larger family-sized spas.  Of course, your desired location will have some sort of impact on the size of hot tub that you choose but there are also some other considerations.  For example, if you are particularly tall, you may find that a smaller hot tub is not overly comfortable for you.  Also, you may think that only two of you will be using your new purchase but you'd be surprised how many friends soon want to join in the fun!  On  the flip side, are you overestimating how many people will regularly take advantage of your hot tub? 

Seats vs. Loungers

The hot tubs that we offer come with a variety of seating arrangements.  Some will only have upright seating while others have some loungers incorporated.  This is generally down to personal preference but  definitely something to think about.  Imagine purchasing a hot tub with only one lounger to find that two of you prefer this style of seating!

Jet formation

We carefully design the layout of the jets in all of our hot tubs.  You will achieve a different kind of massage in the different positions around the hot tub and everyone usually finds one that they prefer and generally stick to.  It's important to note that you will have more options in our larger, more powerful hot tubs. 


We offer a variety of shell colours on our hot tubs as we know that everyone has different tastes.  It's worth thinking about the location of your hot tub and if any particular colour will look better or alternatively, out of place.  Also, consider how your hot tub will look when it's filled and which colours may be easier to keep looking fresh and clean. 


We never scrimp on quality on any of our hot tubs, regardless of which model you choose.  All models come with some form of lighting, speakers and water features but you will find that some come with more than others.  Part of your decision will be how important these additional features are to you, if at all.

Our dedicated showrooms have many of our models on display so that you can see for yourself how they look and feel.  Why not pop in today! 

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