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A hot tub is a large pool of water used for relaxation, pleasure and hydrotherapy. Using a hot tub daily will do magic when it comes to your health through ensuring that you have improved sleep, act as pain relief and help relieve anxiety. 


This article will help you learn the factors to consider when buying a hot tub and some of the best hot tub options you can purchase.


What are the factors to consider when buying a hot tub?


It’s essential to have the right information when buying a hot tub. Some of the significant factors to consider include:


·         The brand.


Ensure that you buy from a well-known brand, as this guarantees you of a high-quality hot tub.

Wellis have some of the best hot tubs, and Dreamspas are one of the fastest-growing retail chains in the southwest of the UK. In addition to that, the company is an award-winning spa and sauna supplier. You will be assured of a great quality product when you purchase from them.


·         Cost and warranty.


When buying a hot tub, you must ensure that it’s of good quality and also cost-efficient. Also, pay close attention to confirm that the product has a warranty. 

Dreamspas ensure that the customer gets the product at an affordable price to enjoy the health benefits associated with hot tubs. 

The company also has filters, chemicals, accessories and hot tub servicing. 

Moving to a new place may be tiresome, but after you purchase from Dreamspas, that will no longer be a problem as we will help you when relocating.


·         Ergonomics


You will be required to check the ergonomics, particularly where you will use the hot tub for therapy purposes. It’s crucial to check whether the manufacturer has considered ergonomics.


·         The hot tub design.


You will be happier after choosing a design that best suits your taste. Wellis have a variety of hot tubs that you can choose from, with different seating arrangements and features.




Which are the best hot tubs?


Dreamspas, which is in partnership with Wellis brand, have some of the best hot tubs with the most popular ones, including: 


? PeakLine Everest


The hot tub has a variety of comfort features. After a long day at work, the first thing that comes to your mind is taking a shower or bath. Our Everest hot tub will help you acquire the relaxation you need as it has two reclining places. It also comes with an extra reclining control panel and Wi-Fi smartphone, as well as oxygen therapy which is essential to help renew your skin.


? Myline Jupiter.


The Jupiter hot tub is perfect for any person planning to use it for therapy. It has ergonomically designed seats and has a total of 46 massage jets. It’s a favourite to many people as you can enjoy an all over massage. It also includes a bottle and ice holder so you can relax in your hot tub while sipping your favourite drink. In addition to that, you get to enjoy your favourite music from the sound system installed in it.


? Myline Pluto


The Pluto spa offers plenty of room for up to 5 bathers and its 2m x 2m size comfortably fits on smaller places. It has two lounge beds, one with mySEAT™ solution. The Pluto also includes myJETS™ for relieving pain in shoulders and neck.


? Myline Venus.


The hot tub has 49 jets and a dual pump which provides enough power for six bathers. The hot tub will offer you the relaxation you may wish to have as you enjoy the refreshing massage. It also has a chromotherapy mood lighting pack and is available in four shell colours.


? Cityline Malaga.


The hot tub can accommodate six people and has an increased number of jets. It’s perfect for party lovers. Call your friends and get started on the party!

Hot tub accessories


Some of the accessories that you can add to your hot tub include:


·         Smart bar.

The Smart bar is the perfect spot for placing your drinks. It also comes with a smart drawer and a slip-resistant tread to ensure useful storage of items and keep valuables from shifting.


·         Spa steps.

Our spa steps are durable, and allow easy access to your hot tub.


·         Towel Rail.

Use the towel rail to hang your robe and towel, ensuring that they are kept clean, at close vicinity and dry.


·         Hot tub servicing.

Hot tubs require regular servicing. The servicing will also detect a problem early enough, helping to prevent problems that may arise in the future due to the default.


·         Hot tub moving.

Ensure that you have professional movers whenever you want to move your hot tub to a different location or move to a new home. When contacting them, give proper dimensions of the hot tub, making it easy to choose the right method to transport it.


·         Hot tub chemicals.

It’s essential to add chemicals. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions. You will be required to add chlorine or bromine and you must ensure that you put the recommended ranges to keep the water in the hot tub in balance.



Hot tubs have many benefits, such as reducing stress and are perfect for family bonding and relaxation.


It’s essential to know the factors that you should consider and learn of the best options in the market. With all the information needed then you won’t have a challenge finding the right choice.


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