Make The Most Out Of Your Hot Tub In Summer

On hot summer days, you may lower the temperature and relax in a lovely refreshing pool or heat it a little for those cool summer evenings. Here are some tips.

Did you know that you may enjoy a cosy spa hot tub without it being too hot? On hot summer days, you may lower the temperature and relax in a lovely refreshing pool or heat it a little for those cool summer evenings. Here are some tips.

Maintenance regularly

Ensure you’ve kept up with your hot tub’s routine maintenance before converting it to a cold tub. Draining the water, examining the hot tub, and verifying the chemical balance are all part of this process. To guarantee that your hot tub is operating correctly and is safe for your family, you must follow these crucial procedures regularly.

Draining the Water

Water should be drained every couple of months, but no more than four months apart. This is the ideal time to clean and inspect your hot tub after the water has been drained. Cleaning is best done with an all-purpose cleaner.


Keep an eye out for cracks, leaks, and other damage when checking your hot tub. It is critical to identify problems early so that you can take the necessary actions to resolve them rather than allowing them to worsen. It would help if you also inspected the hot tub’s filters. They can become filthy, leading them to perform less effectively.

Performing a Chemical Analysis

Following the cleaning and inspection, this is a critical phase. Use test strips to verify the level of the water once you’ve replenished it. The levels of Ph and alkaline should be balanced. If they aren’t even, the problem can be solved by using the appropriate chemicals. This should be done regularly, mainly if you use your hot tub regularly. Inquire with your hot tub dealer about the maintenance requirements for your hot tub.

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Cool During the Summer

On a hot summer day, cooling down the water in your hot tub is the most excellent method to calm down and feel rejuvenated. It’ll also be a hit with the youngsters! The average temperature of your body is 37° C, and most hot tubs are set at around 40 degrees Celsius. Any temperature that is lower than your body’s average temperature will seem chilly to you.

Setting the temperature to 28-30 degrees Celsius will make the water seem more like pool water on a hot summer day. Hot tubs, unlike regular pools, are insulated. The insulation will keep the water cool once it has reached the correct temperature. Keep the cover on your hot tub while you’re not using it to keep the temperature cool.

Here’s a quick tip: If you need to cool down your hot tubs quickly, put a bag of ice into it!

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Cool

Here are some suggestions for staying cool in your hot tub, whether it’s hot or cold:

  • Keep yourself hydrated! This is especially essential in the summer because of the heat. This is necessary if you want to keep your hot tub heated. You don’t want to become too hot.
  • After a workout, don’t get into the hot tub immediately. It is best to enter when you have finished sweating, and your pulse rate has returned to normal.
  • When entering and exiting the hot tub, be cautious. You may feel dizzy if the temperature changes suddenly.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature. If your hot tub’s temperature is set at 40 degrees, you should only soak for 15 minutes. For longer soaks and youngsters, lowering the temperature is preferable.

In summer, you can use your hot tubs in excellent ways, and it is very convenient to use on summer days. Cold or mildly hot water in hot tubs are usually better for your body to make a healthy and long-lasting life.  

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