Hot Tubbing Ideas for the Autumn & Winter 2021

Hot Tubbing Ideas for the Autumn
Imagine staying warm in the winter outside? Sound impossible, but it isn’t. The problem is only a little investment. But the outcome is worth it.

Warm water, cold air, fresh experience, what more do we want? It will be an unforgettable time in your life.

Wellis Step for stepping up your game

You might encounter slipperiness when you try to get into your Spa when it’s installed outside. But with this Wellis step, the slip-resistance step will take away all your worries. It is a two-step game, so you don’t have to jump. You can easily get inside, warm yourself in the winter cold, and have an enjoyable time by yourself.

A Spa-wand a day keeps the boring tub experience away

Effortless cleaning of the Spa is what we all want. Is that possible? This spa-wand from Wellis answers this question. The wand will reach into places that you can’t. This makes it easy to withdraw your attention from worrying about the leftover debris that will grow into algae. Even in Autumn, you can remove the tiniest leaf in your Spa, turn on the tap and enjoy the warmth in the cold.

Hot Tubbing Ideas for the Autumn & Winter 2021

Spaziano tray for your champagne-o

Do you want to watch Netflix while chilling in the hot tub outside in the cold? This Spaziano tray will help you. Place your champagne glass, mobile phone, and Snapchat around while drinking. You can show everyone how convenient it is to enjoy your hot tub, not get up to reach your phone, and have the best time of your life.

Cover lift to protect from the snow and leaves

Have you heard about the Spa Thermo covers, winter covers, and easy cover lifter from Wellis? The non-slip handle for the easy cover lifter from Wellis can cover a hot tub of any size. The spa Thermo covers are practical applications of saving energy costs and saving water for later use. It will stay warm for a long time without any algae forming.
With almost 5cm of insulation forming up undercover, stepping into the hot water won’t be a problem in extreme conditions. These Extreme winter covers get you covered in snow.

Hot Tubbing Ideas for the Autumn & Winter – Wrapping up

By now, you must have understood the Wellis spa products are one of the best hot tubs in the UK. These affordable hot tub items will give you the finest hot tub experience during Autumn & Winter. Not to mention, the covers will also help you keep them for a long time.

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