Hot Tub with a Lounger? Is it worthwhile?

Whether you are just starting your search for a hot tub or have been shopping for a spa for a long time, a significant question that will come at some point is whether you should have a lounger seat in your hot tub or not.

In this piece, we will define a lounger seat, discuss its advantages, and discuss some of its disadvantages.

What exactly is a Hot Tub Lounger? 

A hot tub lounger is a seat with integrated leg and foot space. A sunbed-style seat with jets for the legs and feet. Instead of a normal upright seat where your feet are usually in the central foot well, it allows you to fully extend your legs out.

A photo of a premium hot tub with a lounger seat is shown below. The Wellis Everest is the most successful of our premium, peak-line range. With our most powerful hydromassage system with 88 Jets dedicated to 3 seats and 2 loungers.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Hot Tub Lounger? 

Many of the advantages of a hot tub lounger are self-explanatory. A well-designed lounger will provide the following advantages:

  1. Room to stretch your legs
  2. increased room for jets aimed at the legs and feet
  3. There will be no foot-fights! A badly built hot tub with a narrow foot well can lead to foot warfare with family and friends, which no one wants! This problem is solved by using a lounger seat.
  4. A resting position that is naturally soothing.

What Are the Cons of Using a Hot Tub Lounger? 

A lounger is not suitable for everyone! We’ve discovered that if a hot tubber purchases their first hot tub with a lounger, they’re more likely to skip the lounger on their second hot tub. This is not true for everyone, but it is a pattern we have observed. Here are a few disadvantages of a hot tub lounge seat:

  1. Capacity has been reduced. If your hot tub contains a lounger, it is usually the equal of two standard upright chairs, therefore it does lower designated seat capacity slightly.
  2. All loungers are not created equal. Poorly built loungers make it difficult to sit comfortably. Before purchasing a hot tub, we always recommend sitting in it dry or doing a wet test.
  3. Not everyone is suited to a lounger. A lounger may not be suitable or comfy if you are extremely short or tall.
  4. A lounger is less convenient than a regular seat because it faces the side of the hot tub rather than inwards.

What Are Some Alternative Seating Options to a Lounger? 

The more classic upright seat is an alternative to a lounge seats include leg and foot jet options. This type of seat is more frequent than lounger seats. As previously said, we always recommend sitting in a hot tub dry or doing a wet test before purchasing to ensure that the chairs are comfortable for you and your family.

Spas with two lounger seats 

If you truly want a lounger seat in your hot tub but are concerned that it maybe a source of contention for the family, some versions include two!

The images below show the Wellis Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Palermo, Everest products which include two lounge seats and are available from us. As you can see from the types shown below, having two loungers greatly reduces the capacity, but these hot tubs are quite popular with couples who can both sit back in a lounger at the same time.

Wellis Mars

Wellis Palermo

Wellis Saturn

Wellis Pluto

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