Finding Right Access Route and Location For Hot Tub Delivery

Delivering a hot tub not only requires installation professionals but preparation on your part as well. Below, we will discuss a standard outdoor hot tub installation to ensure a smooth installation.

Now that you have purchased your hot tub, you will be eagerly anticipating the day that it is scheduled to arrive. Delivering a hot tub not only requires installation professionals but preparation on your part as well. Below, we will discuss a standard outdoor hot tub installation and what steps you should take beforehand to ensure a smooth installation.

We want to help you make your hot tub delivery and installation as quick and easy as possible with some handy advice.

 Planning for a standard hot tub delivery? 

Hot tubs are delivered as a complete unit, exactly how they look in the showroom. These require careful transportation and manoeuvring. While the hot tub will arrive on a flat bed trolley/cart on its side, it still may be necessary to use a crane to lift over high walls or even the roof of your house to reach the location. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure sufficient access, and site preparation before the hot tub is installed. has the right to refuse any installation if the relevant requirements are not satisfied as this may affect the warranty.

You will need to identify an unobstructed access point and delivery route. If the access point is going down the side of your house, we will need a straight run in and out both ends with no sharp turns. If the delivery route requires a 90° turn, check the measurements at the corner to ensure the hot tub will ft.

 What should I consider when planning the access and delivery route: 

  1. You will need your hot tub dimensions.
  2. Check the width of gates, doors, and side-walks to ensure your hot tub will pass through unobstructed.
  3. Are there low roof eaves, overhanging branches, or rain gutters that could be an obstruction to overhead clearance?
  4. Steps or uneven ground?
  5. Objects protruding from walls (such as outdoor taps, window sills etc)?

If you do not have access as required to get it down the side of your house, look for other access points. In a substantial amount of cases, we can provide the crane service. It is mainly used to avoid damage to your hot tub, your property, or to delivery personnel. If your hot tub requires the use of a crane, the cost of a crane is not included in our standard delivery service.  If access is via a neighbour’s property, you must seek permission. Our installers will not proceed without your assurance that you have gained approval. If you think you do not have adequate access, arrange for a free site survey from us, and one of our installers will happily give advice and their recommendations – you may be pleasantly surprised.

 Choosing your hot tub location 

Hot tubs are big, heavy, and awkward to move, so the placement of your hot tub should be pretty well its permanent home. Bear in mind the site you choose may affect the overall costs of the groundwork. for example the more away from the house, the more electrical cable that may be required.

When selecting the ideal outdoor location for your hot tub, consider these suggestions:

  1. Locating a hot tub close to the back door or changing room for fast access to a warm place can maximise winter usage.
  2. Think about what you want to be looking at while relaxing in your hot tub. Locate your hot tub to face a view you enjoy.
  3. Locate in an area that gives you the best privacy options. Imagine the hot tubs surroundings during all seasons when making your choice. During cold, winter weather, bare trees won’t
  4. Do you need to locate your hot tub in a sheltered location to protect yourself from the wind and harsh weather while bathing?
  5. Are there any overhead power lines? Do not place your hot tub within 3 metres of any overhead power lines
  6. When choosing your location, make sure that you can easily access the hot tub panel for ease of maintenance.
  7. When deciding on the final location of your hot tub, please take into consideration what accessories you have ordered for your hot tub. e.g. have you allowed enough space to let your hot tub cover fall behind your hot tub when using your cover lifter and don’t forget about the steps?
  8. It’s important to also consider any down pipes and window sills as these could also cause an obstruction.
  9. Think about the surrounding shrubbery you will need to prevent leaves and bits of plants from dropping in the hot tub by keeping trees and shrubbery well maintained or away from the hot tub.
  10. It is also good to think about keeping the pathway leading to your hot tub free of debris to prevent dirt and leaves from being tracked into the hot tub.


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